Dominica Hilfe e.V.

Mary Sylvester

My Ideas

Whatever we can do to help, we should try, because there is a lot of help needed. Our goal is to make sure that we are helping the right people, and that the goods are delivered to the ones who need them. 
We will not be sending goods to any organization in Dominica. The goods we send will go directly to a person we know by name. They have to give us an account of what they are doing, how and where the goods are distributed. 
We will need documents about the received goods. A member from our organization D.C.F. will be present in Dominica to see that the goods are distributed correctly, and are documented on pictures and on videos, which will be placed on our website. 
The idea for D.C.F. Dominica Charity Foundation
Helping has always been one of my aims, and I have being doing a lot by myself over the years. I made many benefit concerts all over the world, especially in Germany, to help all people. If anyone should get a medal for Nelson Mandela being freed, it should be me, because I have sang on many benefit concerts, and collected money for his freedom for years. But I was happy with the result in the end, so I don't need a medal. 
While visiting 
my family in Dominica, I arrived there sick with a sore throat, and ended up in the Marigot hospital, but it was all in vain, because they had no medication avaliable. The next day, I traveled to the capital Roseau to see a doctor. I got a prescription to buy some expensive medicine in a drugstore, which most Dominicans wouldn't be able to afford. Thinking about the situation, I decided that I had to do something to help the village of Marigot and the country on a whole, especially the hospitals. 
When I returned to Germany, I decided to collect some medication to send to Dominica, but after talking to my doctor, I realized that it was not so easy as I thought. I found out that it's better to form an organization with people willing to work for the same cause, which I did.


Mary Sylvester: Light of the World           Mary Sylvester: It's hard to say good-bye CD

Schallplatte, Maxi-Single 12" 45U/Min       1. "It's hard to say good-bye"  Ballad
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Vinyl Rarität, Original Schallplatte, neu.    4. "Tribute to the musicians"
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Liebe Grüße,
Mary Sylvester

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