Dominica Hilfe e.V.

Arriving of the goods in Dominica, West Indies, 2007

The medical equipment were given to the Marigot Hospital

Head Nurse Mrs Sarah Andrews                                       Items for the hospital

Extra wheels fo the wheel chairs                                      Clothes being distributed to the people

Wheel chairs                                                              Shoes being distributed


Shoes and clothes being distributed                              Shoes and clothes being distributed
Second day distribution                                               Night time protection from rain
Wheel chairs being cleaned from over sea damage        Goods ready for delivery to the Marigot Hospital
Goods ready for delivery to the Marigot Hospital             Ian Africa repairing the wheel chairs

H. M. Schemske showing the kids how to fix the bike      Michi waiting for the transport to deliver the goods 
Transport arrives                                                        Transport being packed
Transport leaving to the hospital                                  Kids are happy for their toys
The yard is empty from the goods                                Kids are happy                                  

Kids are playing around

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